Abbygail House Model

The Abbygail Model House is a Bungalow house style of architecture. This single family house type offered simple living quarters with an artistic touch on modest means. With its special features- style, convenience, simplicity, sound construction, and excellent plumbing- this house design filled more than the need for shelter and perfectly suits your living needs.


Lot Area: 80 Square meters

Floor Area: 32 Square meters

Bedrooms: Two (2)

Toilet and Bath: One (1)

Financial Details

Total Contract Price: Php 1,750,000.00

Loanable Amount: Php 1,400,000.00


Equity: Php 350,000.00

Option: Php 30,000.00


Net Equity: Php 320,000.00

6 Months to Pay: Php 53,333.33
9 Months to Pay: Php 35,555.56

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