Jacqueline Deluxe House Model

The Jacqueline Deluxe Model House and Lot is the larger version of the Jacqueline House model, in terms of lot and floor area. It still carries the modern and Zen- inspired design and the abundant number of windows are present to let natural light to come in during the day and also keep air circulation flowing.


Lot Area: 160 Square meters

Floor Area: 112.89 Square meters

Bedrooms: Four (4)

Toilet and Bath: Three (3)

Financial Details

Total Contract Price: Php 5,875,000.00

Loanable Amount: Php 4,650,000.00

Down Amount: Php 1,225,000.00

Misc. Fees: Php 150,000.00

Total Equity: Php 1,375,000.00

Less Reservation Fee: Php 30,000.00

Net Equity: Php 1,345,000.00

18 Months to Pay: Php 74,772.22


Ground Floor Layout

Second Floor Layout