Kimberly House Model

The Kimberly Model House is a two-storey house type wherein you can maximize its space according to your living needs. It is designed and finished with the best quality materials which ensures its durability. With its spacious rooms and areas, you and your family can surely have fun and live comfortably.


Lot Area: 80 Square meters

Floor Area: 70.93 Square meters

Bedrooms: Three (3)

Toilet and Bath: Two (2)

Financial Details

Total Contract Price: Php 2,850,000.00

Loanable Amount: Php 2,500,000.00


Equity: Php 350,000.00

Option: Php 30,000.00


Net Equity: Php 320,000.00

6 Months to Pay: Php 53,333.33
9 Months to Pay: Php 35,555.56

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